Benefit Society Jonas

for the Charity "Jonas"
in Klausenburg / Cluj - Napoca, Romania


Handicapped Aid

The Jonas Society ist trying to support the disabled in the area of Floresti/Cluj.
Advice and aid is given.

Vlad Barbu and Renate Schumacher (Hilfsverein Jonas e.V.) The 20-year old Vlad B. was born with Spina bifida. He cannot walk and he has trouble with his kidneys and bladder. Jonas collects donations in order to buy the necessary catheters which are not yet available in Romania. Vlad was given an apparatus recently in which he can stand upright and do his homework etc. at a fixed wooden board adjusted to his height. Vlad passed his "Highers" last summer and is studying now Social Padagogics.

For five years now Jonas is supporting the family of Dan T., who earned his wages as a forester. The family father Dan, who lives in a small village about 30 km from Cluj had an awful accident in a forest several years ago. Both legs had to be amputated. His wife and his 13year old daughter live with him in a small house with two rooms. With the help of donations the house was extended to obtain a small bathroom which the family so desperately needed. The new bathroom with its sanitary devices are so important for the family, especially for Dan. The family is so grateful for the monthly financial support, which is needed not only for the medicine and catheters for Dan, but also for food. Dan would love to do or create something with his hands (we are looking for possibilities).

A few years ago Dan had a serious accident in which he lost both legs. His family receives  monthly financial support from the Jonas Organisation.